Vino bianco biologico

“Sophia” a female name for our only white wine; in Greek Σοφία means knowledge, awareness and we believe is something a man can reach also thanks to the charming help of wine.

Denomination: Vino Bianco Biologico

Grapes: Fiano

Location of vineyard: Barile

Area under vines: 1 hectar

Altitude and exposure: 480 meters asl, South – Southeast

Soil type: Volcanic, tuffaceous, clayey

Training system: Guyot

Fermentation: Fermentation in stainless steel under controlled temperature.

Ageing: In stainless steel with permanence on fine dregs and frequents batonnage.

Organoleptic evaluation: Straw-yellow in color with greenish shimmers, its scent recalls fresh flowers, roses and yellow peach. The palate is young, crisp and mellow with aromatic notes. It also shows a gentle touch of spices.

Serving temperature: 13-14°C

Bottles produced annually: 6600