Aglianico del Vulture Superiore DOCG

Denomination: Aglianico del Vulture Superiore DOCG

Grapes: Aglianico 100%

Location of wineyard: Barile

Area under wines: 2 HA

Exposure and altitude:
South East. 500 meters above sea level

Soil type: Marl sandstone

Training system: Guyot espalier

Stumps per hectare: 5000

Yield per hectare: 60 quintals

Fermentation: Fermentation and maceration in steel tanks for about 25 days.

Ageing: 12 months in French oak barrels of I and II passage.

Organoleptic evaluation:
Affinamento in bottiglia: Minimum 12 months

Serving temperature: 16 °C

Bottles produced annually: 1600 bottles


The idea of ​​a project on the company’s crus was born during the 2011 harvest, following a series of factors including certainly the observation of the clear differences in our vineyards, especially in the soils.
During those first studies of the characteristics of the vineyards and of the different outcomes in winemaking, the desire to document the observations with photographs, collection of statistical and analytical data was strengthened.The fact that the same vine – Aglianico -, in the same common -Barrel -with an at least apparently common exposure-SE-, and with a consistent vinification protocol, could give life to grapes and wines so original and different from each other, prompted me to want to bring the results of these evaluations up to the bottle , to sharing with others.
In that fantastic year, excellent and full of food for thought, the intuitions multiplied and consolidated in the tastings of the wines during their evolution, first in the tank and then in wood, always divided by vineyard.
After the vinification and observation phase, the wines of the individual vineyards were assembled into the two company products as usual: the most interesting selection for territorial expression, structure and evolutionary potential, was destined for Basilisk, while the tanks with less complexity and structure, with a more pronounced fruit, expression of the varietal in its immediacy, have been assembled to merge into Theodosius.
Starting from the 2012 vintage, the crus began to be a real path that reconfirmed and deepened the research undertaken and for the first time we decided to proceed with an exclusive bottling of the small quantity of extraordinary value produced with only the grapes of the Historic vineyard. Since the 2013 vintage, the production of small batches of 1500 bt per type has involved 2 other vineyards and today we have 3 company crus.